INDIGO 20000

09 December 2019

The most multifunctional printing company in the region, Color Group, is moving to a new stage of development. The company makes long-term investments and offers the market some quality new packaging products. These technologies were introduced in partnership with a leading digital corporation such as HP (Hewlett Packard).

With the help of the latest digital technologies, it will be possible to produce soft packaging without the limitation of formats, as well as the so-called Shrink slides, which means that for any form of bottle will be printed a high quality stamped label that will completely fit the product and accurately replicate its shape.

Manufacturers will be able to use packages for marketing campaigns, for example create unique visuals and illustrations for each product, with the help of the software introduced in Georgia by Color Group, which has the best quality in the world and will make Georgian packages competitive not only in local market but also in export.

The representatives of Color Group and HP are announcing that the offer will support both small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as enable large companies to run large-scale marketing campaigns with distinctive packaging.