Color Group offers its customers the packaging printing service both in rolls and packages. Knit, with or without handle.

The printing house has a food packaging printing machine which prints in eight colors according to the principle of flexographic printing. Also a machine that prepares forms for the local market, which makes the printing process faster and more flexible.

We have a wide selection of materials, including biodegradable packages that do not harm the environment and are proven worldwide.

In very short period we have been able to earn the favor of many famous Georgian companies.

We print - semi-finished products, sunflowers, chips, cereals, ice creams, sugar and more, roll labels and many other packaging materials for large and small companies.

Unlike the foreign market, we can produce packages with a minimum quantity of 50 kg, which does not limit customers to the circulation.

And finally a new product for the first time in Georgia!

Stand Up Pouch - This is a zippered package that is convenient to store and manufacture all kinds of products.

This packaging is known by different names in Georgia - pouch, zippered package, doipack and standing package.

This kind of packaging is used for a variety of products - liquid, solid foods, cereals, nuts, cherries, chips, vegetables, tea, coffee and more. The barrier layers of this packaging extend the shelf life of the product. The packaging is light weight but quite solid, in addition it can additionally have a handle, a euro hanger and a zipper lock.