Color Group offers its customers roll-on and non-stick label printing services.

The labels are made on roll, through multi-section kits, on premium grade equipment. Our partners are leading companies in the world, such as HP, in the application of the latest technologies.

Advanced technologies enable Color Group to take a leading position in the market, both in terms of efficiency, quality and competitive price.

Our digital machines allow us to combine printouts, which in turn do not require the production of different tapes or cliches, which speeds up and reduces the process.

The minimum number of labels we produce is 1, which does not limit the customer. It is also possible to produce any number of labels so that each label has a different design or a different element, such as numbering.

Our capabilities include various types of specialized technical printing:

  • Chalcographic
  • Flexographic
  • Offset
  • Digital printing

Any form of printing required in the company's workshops and labs is made - engraving and plating, cling grooves, non-standard and standard knives, which also allow products to be produced in the shortest possible time.

The label can be printed on plates, silkscreen, 3D screen lacquer, gold and all other possible options on any surface: metallized, transparent, waterproof, thermal, protective, factual or textured.

We also offer our customers a great selection of materials. We have about 30 types of wine label paper (with various invoices).